• Inspection, estimate updated to current market values
  • Collection of documents and verification of urban/land registry compliance
  • Land registry and subject surveys
  • Search and recovery of notarial deeds and floor plans
  • Criff control and risk centre
  • Ape (Energy Performance Certificate) in accordance with the law drawn up by qualified professionals
  • Integrated Technical Report (RTI) *
  • Drafting of purchase and sale orders according to the “Unafiaip” model *
  • Drafting and recording purchase proposals according to the “Unafiaip” model
  • Virtual tour, rendering, furnished floor plans
  • Website advertising, and on the major internet portals, signage service
  • Credit consultancy with the support of certified professionals (customer pre-qualification)
  • Real estate search service and possible contextual resale
  • Renovation estimate
  • Notary estimates
  • Empty cellars
  • Consultancy and stipulation of rental contracts and subsequent obligations
  • Connection/takeover of domestic utilities after sale/lease
  • Remote signing for remote contracts
  • Legal advice
  • Sworn appraisals

* What is RTI? It is our practice to produce an RTI (Integrated Technical Report) of the property to protect the contracting parties: this is a document that is drawn up by a qualified technician, fundamental for both those selling and those purchasing. In fact, it serves to verify that the actual state of the property is in the conditions of legitimate state, pursuant to current regulations on construction. This way, a sale will be completed in total safety without unpleasant and costly surprises that often arise after the sale.

* The forms on which our contracts are drawn up follow the professional "UNAFiaip" model (to find out more: and are developed and constantly updated by professionals in the sector to protect the contracting parties

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